The digital marketing landscape in India

Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing on Steroids

Digital Marketing is promoting brands via Social Media, Internet, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and more.

In the recent past the Digital industry has grown enormously in India. Globally, it has witnessed a course of around $40 billions and in India brands are starting to realise it’s enormous potential. Big and small brands have been quick to understand the power of social media but are leveraging it to build brands on loyal communities of users and customers.

Digital marketing is ‘real-time’ marketing and it’s relies largely on the Internet to convey it’s messages and brands can track their campaign performance instantaneously and react in real time to opportunities an emergencies. Brand marketers can check in real time what is being viewed, for how long, response rates and purchase numbers, and can modify their strategies to the needs of the market. Digital marketing is forever evolving as new technologies keep being added to the digital landscape.

The Internet has made Digital Marketing an extremely influential medium for advertisers. Digital marketing uses a fine tunes balance of push and pull Internet technologies. Promotion is done in the same method as that used in traditional forms of direct marketing but in a digital fashion, which incolves the end user in a conversation rather than just pushing marketing messages.

Digital Marketing in India

According to consultancy firms, at least 500 crores Rupees are being spent every year on digital marketing in India. Since digital marketing is at it’s very infancy and can only grow in the near future, the job industry is very lucrative for skilled professionals in these feilds and the demand will only grow as more grands adopt digital marketing in their arsenal of marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital marketing has totally revolutionized the way that Brands communicate. It goes beyond the traditional broadcast model of communicating about a brand but also opens up interactive channels of communication which enables the users and customers to participate in the messaging process. Users can give thier feedback and endorse brands to thier own communities of family and friends. The marketers canalso interact directly with their users, customers or potential customers – inform them about new offerings or modify thier positioning and take steps to rectify bad publicity in case of bad service, etc.

Multiple Channels of Communication

Digital Marketing works best when it is a mix of multiple digital channels of communication. When multiple mediums of communication work together on a certain marketing campaign, it can lead to excellent results, far beyond traditional forms of Marketing. Additionally, if the same message is reinforced in multiple ways, the reach and outcome could get even better.

Is your brand using digital marketing effectively? Please leave your comments on this post and let us know how you are using digital marketing to promote your brand.


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